Know Thyself: A Library Lesson Designed to Find Your Reading Interests
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All quotations are from The Quote Garden.

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Sunset, Blue Hills, Water Lilies are all from the Sample Pictures File in Microsoft Windows Operating System.


The image of Lucille Ball is a public domain pin-up photo for the March 23, 1945 issue of Yank, the Army Weekly, a weekly U.S. Army magazine fully staffed by enlisted men. The image can be found here:


Photograph of fountain is in the public domain and used courtesy,


Photograph of peanut butter and jelly sandwich is in the public domain and found here,



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All clip art is from, found at




Daydreaming music is from PacDV Free Sound Effects, found at



Pencil and applause are from PacDV Free Sound Effects, found at



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This buILder was created by Mira Dougherty-Johnson.

It is designed to engage high-schoolers in the act of selecting reading material for pleasure. Intended for a school with an institutional free, voluntary reading program or any silent sustained reading time, it strives to solve the problem of students aimlessly grabbing for something (anything!) to read during that time. It incorporates a bit of soul-searching as well as some simple technology integration. In addition to students making more focused reading choices, the end result will also be a library media center decorated with stunning word cloud collages. It should take one 50 minute class period. In general, the 9th grade humanities classes schedule this library time in the beginning of the school year, but it can be used anytime with other grades as well.











































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