Know Thyself: A Library Lesson Designed to Find Your Reading Interests
Task One
Task Two
Task Three
Task Four
Task Five
The End
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Task One   blank paper and pencil +   clock  =line drawing of lightbulb--Idea! !


Now that you're thoroughly inspired, take out your library journal and a writing utensil and do an old-fashioned free-write for 5-10 minutes. Locate your clock on your computer's screen (usually on the lower right-hand side). Be sure to jot down your start and stop times.


Use the prompts below to write as much as you can. 


Remember the rules:


Dig deep.


Trust yourself. Everyone likes different things. (Books about equations and calculus and the string theory are what makes that teacher in your upper lefthand corner smile.) What are your interests? 


Don't let your pencil/pen stop moving. Click here to see what that should sound like.        






Titles or Authors of books I’ve loved 

                                     stack of books



Books I’ve really loved, what have they been about?                    



Things I’m interested in that I want to learn more about



Once you're done, go on to Task Two.

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