The Holocaust: Primary Sources
Part 1 - The Butterfly: A Child's Perspective
Part 2 - The Dachau Memorial: An Artistic Representation
Part 3 - Otto Ohlendorf: Quotes from a Nazi Officer
Part 4 - Historical Photos
Part 5: Your Own Conclusions



You will be graded twice - once by Miss Kowalsky and once by your classroom teacher. Your writing will be graded by your classroom teacher as a writing assignment. Miss Kowalsky will be looking for your ability to complete the assignment and to use the skills we learned in class to think about what the sources are telling you.


Each question is worth 10 points. Be sure to use full sentences and correct grammar. Keep in mind that in most cases there is no "right" answer - we want you to tell us what you think and what you believe.

Part 1 is an example we will do together. This will not count for or against your grade.

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