The Holocaust: Primary Sources
Part 1 - The Butterfly: A Child's Perspective
Part 2 - The Dachau Memorial: An Artistic Representation
Part 3 - Otto Ohlendorf: Quotes from a Nazi Officer
Part 4 - Historical Photos
Part 5: Your Own Conclusions

Quotes from a Nazi SS Officer
(section worth 10 points)


Otto Ohlendorf was a Major General in the SS. General Ohlendorf admitted that his unit had killed 90,000 Jews. After WWII, when he was caught, he defended the slaughter on the ground of “military necessity,” even to the killing of Jewish children and pregnant women. He and other Nazis felt that Jewish children in particular were a threat to the German people. This is from Ohlendorf’’s testimony:


“This order did not only try to achieve security but also a permanent security; for that reason the children were people who would grow up and surely, being the children of parents who had been killed, they would constitute a danger no smaller than that of the parents.”



1. What danger do you think Otto Ohlendorf thought Jewish children brought to the German people?

2. What do you think he meant by "permanent security?" What did he do to help with this security?

3. What do you think were the long-term effects of killing Jewish children? What happens if all the children in a generation die?


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