The Holocaust: Primary Sources
Part 1 - The Butterfly: A Child's Perspective
Part 2 - The Dachau Memorial: An Artistic Representation
Part 3 - Otto Ohlendorf: Quotes from a Nazi Officer
Part 4 - Historical Photos
Part 5: Your Own Conclusions

Over the past few weeks, you have begun to study World War II and The Holocaust through a fictional story called The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. The author of this book used many different sources when determining which details to include in his account of Bruno, his family, and the prisoners in Auschwitz.


Today you are going to act as historians and determine what is happening in each source. Using the same tools we used as a class, you will complete the packet given to you in order to piece together the true historical events that inspired the novel.


Begin by clicking on the link below to download the form that you will use to answer all of the questions.

Holocaust Answer Form

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