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Free-style Fitness: Fun, Favorite Fat-Fighters!
Students will focus on how to make personal and healthy lifestyle choices through group activities, journals and goal-setting.  Students will present information through group presentation to share with other teens through the library media center.
Goals & Objectives:

The learning objectives of this lesson are:

  • Students will use at least one quality online or database resource and one quality print resource to research information relating to their own fitness activities and recipe choices.
  • Students will critically review their 1 week lifestyle journal and use information learned to set 3 small and realistic goals to enhance their personal wellness.  These goals will be related to any combination of eating, exercise or emotional well-being habits.
  • Students will track change(s) in habits in their journal during a second weekly period and reflect on any positive progress to their goals as well as any differences in the way they felt as a result of their change in habits.
  • Students will work in self-selected groups of 2-4 students to produce either a pamphlet, mobile, book, poster or other teacher-approved method to present recipes and fun fitness ideas to other teens for display in the library media center.
Materials & Sources:

The support materials needed for this lesson include:

Colorful felt "Pyramid" board with detachable velcro covers that are removed to reveal category when students provid correct answers, computer, Internt resources, databases in high school and public libraries, books, magazines, journal.notebook (provided by student), graphic organizer (to be developed) and assessment rubric (included with this lesson plan).




This is the second of a two part lesson performed in collaboration with the Health teacher (Teacher).  The first lesson was 40 minutes in length.  The second is 2 consecutive 40 minute classes.  The second lesson should be conducted at least one week after the first lesson.  The final project will be submitted in a 4th class that is at least 10 days after the second lesson begins.

(Note: In lesson 1, Teacher and LMS will teach about body weight/body mass index, the Food Pyramid and healthy eating.  At the end of the lesson, students are assigned the task of keeping a detailed journal for 1 week to record eating habits (foods eaten, time of day, conditions when eating), participation in fitness activities (type of activity and duration), hours slept, stressful conditions experienced, etc. which will be used in Lesson 2 the following week).

Lesson 2 - Day 1

Introduction (15 minutes)

To reinforce the food pramid taught in Lesson 1, play the game show $100,000 Pyramid, using the "Big Pyramid" bonus round of the show as the basis for this activity.  For each of 10 categories (e.g. proteins, magazines based on health & fitness, foods with Vitamin C, reasons people give for not exercising, sports stars - male & female, ways to relax, etc.), generate a list of key items within that category.  Students will need to guess the category by shouting out the answer as LMS lists category items.

Body (20 minutes):

1)  As a group, brainstorm "fun fitness" activities that can be done independently or with a group.

2)  Teacher will explain project requirements and related final project, provide graphic organizer and grading rubric.  Project requirements include:

  • Using at least 1 print resource plus 1 online or database resource, student must identify 3 fitness activiities that appeal to student's own lifestyle.  Using a reliable source (including any of those provided in the organizer), determine how many calories would be used by this student while participating in this activity for 30 minutes considering factors such as student's sex, age and current weight.  Record findings and source(s) used in the organizer.
  • Find and obtain copies of 2 healthy recipes for any type of food/dish that would appeal to a teen for inclusion in the final product (e.g. a pizza with healthy ingredients).  Find 1 online and 1 in a print resource.  Note source in organizer and give copyright credit on any recipe, as required.
  • Review journal for prior week's activity and determine at least 3 areas for possible positive modifications.  Develop at least 3 attainable goals (whether related to eating, fitness or emotional well-being) and record them in your journal.  Work at progressing to your goals in the week ahead.
  • At end of week, contemplate the past week.  In your journal, reflect on any positive progress to your goals as well as any differences in the way you feel as a result of your changes.  Consider any factors that may have prohibited you from progressing towards your goal and what you may have been able to do differently.
  • Self-select a team of yourself and 1-3 other students to create a final project for display  in the library media center to promote fun fitness and healthy eating to other teens.  Final project may be in the form of a pamphlet, mini-book, mobile, poster or any other suggested visual format (that receives prior teacher approval). Project must be visually attractive and include: at least 5 fun activities per group member and 1 healthy recipe per group member that will appeal to teen eaters.

3)  After presentation of project, LMS will remind students of resource availability.  Students will form groups and begin organizing and researching.  Teacher and LMS will circulate among students to provide instructional and motivational feedback to students while they work.

Conclusion (5 minutes)

Teacher will remind students of the due date of final project and that they will be given the next day in class to complete research and/or work on final product.  LMS will invite students to come to library media center during remainder of day and that databases are available from their home computer.

Lesson 2 - Day 2

Introduction (5 minutes)

Students reminded of due dates of project and given option of staying in classroom to work on final product and/or go to Library Media Center to complete research before working on final product.

Body (30 minutes)

Students work on group project work.  Teacher circulates and is available in classroom with LMS available in library media center.

Conclusion (5 minutes)

1)  At end of period, Teacher and LMS will remind students in their respective locations of expectations and due date of group project and personal journals.  They will invite students to return to library media center to gather additional information and/or complete project.

2)  After projects are turned in and graded (separate grading rubric provided to students), they will be displayed in the library media center for all high school students to get ideas for fitness and good tasting, yet healthy recipes.

3)  If students are interested, have them make one of the recipes and share with fellow students in a class on a mutually agreed upon day.

Methods for Lesson 2:

  • fun, attention-grabbing, interactive reinforcement activity
  • brainstorming
  • lecture
  • journal writing
  • information presentation
  • debrief
  • discuss
  • feedback
  • review
  • questions and answers
Students will be assessed using a rubric based on their journal entries, organizer completion, and group project as well as observations of cooperation by Teacher and LMS.  Students will not be assessed on achievement or failure to achieve designated goals; this is for their own self-learning experience.
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