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Egg Trivia - Eggspanding the Record in the OPAC
Curiosity is a great motivator. In this lesson, students are handed plastic eggs with a question in it. Seeing the plastic egg and wondering what is in them immediately attracts student's attention. Their attention is on the lesson so they know what to do with their egg and question. They cannot wait to see what question they have to answer.
Goals & Objectives:
Learning Objectives:
Students will understand and be able to use an expanded OPAC record:
-use an electronic catalog
-state clearly their information need
-design a research strategy such as recognizing key words, headings and relevant information
-skim for information

Motivational Goals:
1. Promote value of information skills
2. Reinforce confidence in research ability
Materials & Sources:
OPAC student stations
Projection capability to model research
Trivia question slips
Answer key
Plastic eggs or box for strips
Note: If no plastic eggs are available, students may draw a question slip out of a box.
Prior knowledge:
-OPAC introductory lesson
-Subject-title-author searching
-Keyword searching
-Double clicking on mouse
Display eggs or box of strips on tables but request that they are not picked up until directions are given.
1. Model the procedure.
-Open the OPAC
-Read a question, is it a subject, title or author search (S-T-A) and how do we tell?
-Explain we will not be looking in a book for the answer; the answers are all in the bibliographic record.
-Do an actual search on a projected OPAC; for example “In what state is the Grand Canyon?” It is a subject search, type in Grand Canyon in subject. Model scrolling through the retrieved records and choose a title that looks as if it will give us an answer. Instruct students on ways to expand the basic record to the expanded record. Model and instruct scrolling through the expanded records and what types of information are displayed. Have students raise their hand when they spot the answer.
-Model a second question, if time.
2. Independent practice:
-Students may now choose an egg and pencil.
-Decide what type of search you need to do (S-T-A).
-Remind students how to recognize a title (italics).
-Each student performs a search and records answer on their slip to be checked by LMS. Help any students having difficulty.
As students leave, line students up by the type of search done (S-T-A).
Observation of students using the OPAC Questioning
Karen Bruinsma, Lisa DiBello, Marie Ferner, Jean Maier, Joan Parlato, Julie Rock, Sandra Tipple
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Presented By: Jean Maier
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