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Helping Stellaluna
This lesson was used as an introduction for a unit on bats. The class has been studying animal habitiats or as they called them "hiding places" as part as of their Voyager program. The hiding place they are now studying is caves. The LMS and I collaborated with the second grade teacher to plan a unit on bats. Note: This lesson encourages students' attention and interest in the subject at the beginning of the lesson by listening to a poem on bats and by having the opportunity to share what they already know about bats.
Goals & Objectives:
The student will be capable of teaching Stellaluna how to be a bat after researching information about bats.
Materials & Sources:
Poem on chart paper (The Bat by Douglas Florian) Book: Stellaluna by Janel Cannon Other bat books for display Chart paper for KWLH chart Markers Worksheet to list facts and questions

1. Read poem The Bat by Douglas Florian.

2. Have students go over what the letters stand for in a KWL chart and introduce H (how we will find the information).

3. Illicit from the children what they already know about bats and what they want to learn about bats and write their responses on chart paper.

4. Tell students that Stellaluna is a baby bat that got lost from her mother when she was very young and doesn't know how to be a bat. We are going to research bats so that we can teach her all about bats.

5. Read Stellaluna By Janel Cannon.

6. Begin to fill in information on the KWLH chart what they learned about bats. 7. Ask the students how they will learn more about bats and write on chart.

8. Show students various websites about bats using the LCD projector and tell them they will be working in small groups to research more information about bats.

Students will complete a worksheet listing three facts about bats and three questions they want answered about bats.
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Presented By: Helen Feldman-Goldstein
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