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A Matter of Perspective
Students will learn how to use digital still cameras. In that process, they will also gain understanding of perspective and point of view and how they are understood and interpreted in writing as well as in photography.
Goals & Objectives:
1. Students will complete handout on perspective.
2. Students will participate in a discussion about point of view in writing.
3. Students will understand point of view: 1st person, and the three forms of the 3rd person.
4. Students will understand how perspective and point of view affect one´s understanding of a work.
5. Students will understand how perspective and/or point of view affect how a photograph is taken.
6. Students will learn to use a digital camera.
7. Students will take a digital photo to accompany their poem for a special project.
Materials & Sources:
Handout with Shel Silverstein poem (discussion starter)
Instructional handout (point of view in literature)
Perspective handout (picture of young/old woman)
Planning handout (for digital photo)
Loki, by Rob Rodi
Begin the class by passing out a handout with a poem entitled "Point of View" by Shel Silverstein about perspective. Read poem to group and then have them answer the questions on the handout. After everyone has completed the handout, begin the discussion by going over the questions on the overhead projector. Present the information on point of view in literature. Place special emphasis on 3rd person objective or camera point of view. Show the picture that has the drawing that either looks like an old woman or a young woman. Ask them what they see. Have a student who sees the old woman to come up and show the class and do the same for the young woman. Read the story Loki by Rob Rodi.
1. Participation in discussion
2. Completion of instructional handouts
3. Final product of poem and photo
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Presented By: Colleen Tierney
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