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Postcards from the Solar System
Students will work in groups studying one of the planets from the solar system. The students will be exposed to a variety of sources for their research, including print and non print material. The resulting project will be a powerpoint presentation.
Goals & Objectives:
The students will learn about each of the planets in the solar system and their relationship to each other.
Materials & Sources:
The Magic School Bus in the Solar System video Non fiction books on each planet

1. Library Rules to be discussed

2. Since the students have previously viewed the movie, The Magic School Bus in the Solar System, we will create a KWHL chart together.

3. Students are already in groups, as arranged by the classroom teacher. Have the name of each planet on a piece of paper and have each group select a paper from the basket. This will determine which planet they will be researching.

4. Each group will select four questions from the KWHL chart that they would like to answer.

5. Distribute index cards for the students to use for their note taking.

6. Model note taking technique. Demonstrate what fact are.

7. Each group will be provided with informational books and encyclopedias.

8. The index and table of contents will be introduced.

9. Students will begin their research.

10. Introduce bibliographies; their importance and structure.

11. Circulate and assist the students, as needed, throughout the research process.

The students will be able to create a postcard from their planet including at least three facts.
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