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Mammals Research for Primary Grades
This lesson is the library component of a unit on mammals. The day before, children had sorted animal crackers into groups in the classroom as part of the math lesson called "Animal Crackers" and brainstormed favorite mammals in preparation for their visit to the library. In this lesson, children discover the non-fiction section of the library and narrow down their research topic to include one mammal of their choice. Motivation is enhanced because children have a choice of what they will research and ultimately how they will present the results of their research.
Goals & Objectives:
Students will be able to:

-Find the non-fiction section of the library
-Locate information in a book about mammals
-Choose a favorite mammal to research
Materials & Sources:
-A non-fiction book on mammals read by the librarian
-Books on mammals
-Poster on favorite mammals
NOTE: The day before children discussed their favorite mammals in the classroom and did a math exercise using animal crackers. A poster of their favorite mammals was created. Positive anticipation was for their visit to the library was also created.


1. The librarian reads a non-fiction book of interest to first graders.
2. The librarian discusses the differences between fiction and non-fiction books. Children are encouraged to ask questions.
3. The classroom teacher uses the poster of brainstormed mammals created the day before in class to remind students of their favorite mammals.
4. The librarian models how to find the non-fiction section of the library, how to find books on mammals, and how to locate information inside books.
5. The students explore the non-fiction section on their own with help from the librarian and classroom teacher as needed. It is important that students have adequate time for exploration.
6. The students narrow down their research topic on mammals to one mammal they choose to research.
-Observations of whether students can successfully navigate the non-fiction section of the library and locate information within books.

-Has child been able to generate a research topic?
Lisa Parrino, library tutor
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