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Roles of Information
Powerpoint presentation briefly outlining the roles of information in society. It includes definitions from general dictionaries as well as information science dictionaries and encyclopedias. Addresses the role of information in society and the economics of information. It concludes with a definition of scholarly and peer-reviewed information.
Goals & Objectives:
Awareness of the roles of information in our society.  Distinguishing between scholarly and non-scholarly information.
Materials & Sources:

Students will need paper and pen or pencil. Instructor needs a computer running Powerpoint and a projector.

Before going through the presentation I asked students to write a brief definition of information.  After going around the room and letting students read their definitions go through the presentation and highlight the variations in the definitions included.  Stress the unique aspects of scholarly information.
Assessment is done through classroom discussion with the students after the presentation.
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Presented By: Tony Cosgrave
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