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Of Course It's True... I Found It on the Internet!
This unit, designed for high school students, outlines why evaluating resources is important and provides the CUBAC method for evaluation -- Comprehensive, Useful, Balanced, Authoritative, and Current.
Goals & Objectives:

Instructional Goals:

Students will learn why it is important to evaluate sources of information, learn criteria to do so, and demonstrate use of these criteria as applied to scholastic and personal research.


Learning Objectives:

High school students will

-         Demonstrate understanding of WHY critically evaluating sources is important by providing examples of good and bad information sources.

-         Successfully evaluate curriculum-area resources using the CUBAC criteria.


Motivational Goals:

-         Establish relevance by relating evaluation criteria to personal interests and class projects.

-         Increase confidence in choosing solid information for research.

-         Promote continuing ILS use by challenging students to apply critical evaluation techniques in their own life.


Materials & Sources:
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Presented By: Maureen Southorn
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