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Builder: Let Us Lift!!!@
This lesson challenges students to be "teacher for a day"...
Working alone or in groups, students will pick a weight lifting movement and teach the ins and outs of it to the class. Each group will pick a different movement, research it and become the expert on it. The goal is for students to become so comfortable with their movement that teaching it would be as natural to them as riding a bike.
Goals & Objectives:
Materials & Sources:
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Presented By: alfred mitchell
  • Subject Area(s)
    • K-12: Life Skills
      • Life Work
      • Self-Regulation
      • Working With Others
    • K-12: Physical Education
  • Grade Level
    • K - 8
      • 7th-8th Grade
    • 9 - 12
      • 9th Grade
      • 10th Grade
      • 11th Grade
      • 12th Grade
  • BuILders
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