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TIPS for Successful S.O.S. Lesson Plans


Here are some hints for ensuring a successful lesson plan submission to S.O.S. for Information Literacy.


  • Think "motivation" in every part of your lesson plan.
  • Start with a descriptive title that facilitates access to your lesson plan. This will help immensely when other educators are searching for lessons.
  • In your lesson description, make sure you emphasize what makes your lesson motivating to students. Try to make your description as informative and interesting as possible. When educators do a topic search, they may also search the description field of lesson plans.
  • Be sure that each learning objective (what you want students to learn or do) can be assessed in some way (to make sure they actually learned or can do it).
  • Provide adequate descriptions of any support materials that supplement your instruction and are essential for lesson success.
  • After you pilot test your lesson, go back over your procedures to determine any necessary modifications or additions and to make sure you haven't omitted any important steps.
  • Each step in the procedures should be clearly and fully described. Remember, others will try to use your lesson plan with the students in their schools.
  • Choose assessment methods that are appropriate for your target learning audience and that will help you determine if your learning objectives have been accomplished. Assessment methods can range from simple observations of student activities to skill demonstrations to written tests.
  • Remember to include handouts or other materials you may have developed with your submission. These materials will add richness to your lesson plan and will be greatly appreciated by your colleagues.
  • Finally, even if you do not intend to produce a video or powerpoint presentation to accompany your lesson plan, do try and take at least one or more digital still photos that can help provide the flavor of your lesson plan for others. Perhaps, there is one photo which you feel helps to capture the "essence" of your lesson or that would be a good picture to use with the title of your lesson. When you upload your media you will be given the opportunity to tag that photo as the one you wish to accompany the title of your lesson!
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