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List poem – a list of words that all relate to the poem’s title. Each should give the reader a clear image.


Animals That Should Exist

Neapolitan Cows                             Watch Chipmunks
Giant Glowworms                             Swimming Squirrels
Flashlight Bugs                                Unhungry Mosquitoes
Flying Whales                                  Fishing Spiders
Swimming Birds                                Electric Monkeys
Sky Horses                                      Miniature Elephants
Cloud Fish                                        Singing Tortoises
Day Crawlers                                    Snapping Deer
Flying Penguins                                 Vampire Squirrels
Skating Sharks                                  Glowing Kangaroos
Dancing Ants                                    Translucent Goats
Carousel Butterflies                                   Day Owls
Book Alligators                                   Night Roosters
Ant Lovers                                        Cuddly Beetles
Soft Porcupines                                 Whistling Hyenas
Unscented Skunks                              Chuckling Gofers
Horse-powered Pigs                            Trustworthy Weasels
Laughing Hippopotamuses                    Slimy Yellow Jackets
Curious Chickens                                Walking Snakes
Skittish Grizzlies                                 Unicorns
Polar Giraffes                                     Harmless Humans


 (C) Sharon Hesper. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission from the author. 

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