Building Your Interview Portfolio

Information Task

Your task as you begin is to read through the materials and develop your own personal statement, resume, and cover letter that will make up your Interview Portfolio. You will also need to prepare yourself for a mock interview.

As you begin you will want to work closely with both your teacher and guidance counselor for your transcript information and your gpa. You will also want to have your final documents proof read for errors. As you progress through each of the following you will find a link to a document that will help guide your writing and your teacher will provide you with formatting details as needed.


Cover Letter

A cover letter should explain why you are sending out a resume. It should provide enough information to connect your qualifications to the position you are interested in. Please check out the following link and develop your own cover letter to reflect your job/school of choice. You will need to do a little research to find the appropriate person, address and information needed for the letter. If you need more help with writing a business style letter follow the second link.

 Cover Letters Should...

 The Seven C's of Business Letters


There are many types of resumes, you will need to research the type and style you want, you can create a resume using various applications. Microsoft Word has a resume builder template that you want want to try. When you have finished your research you will need to build your resume. Some sites (URL's) you may want to visit to help you are listed below. You will need to take a look at several different styles of resumes and then develop your own entry level resume for your portfolio.

How to write a Materpiece of a Resume

Get ahead with a better resume

Personal Statement

Your personal statement is like a painting of you you can create a series of fine and broad brush strokes to capture the essence of the image adding details where you believe they need to be. This statement should not be so personal that you do not want anyone else to read it, it should share just enough about you to provide some insights. Before you begin read the following handout. Once you have written your personal statement have someone else proof read it, see if they have questions or if they don't understand something. If you need to revise and then have someone else proof read before you consider it finished.

Writing the Personal Statement

Interview Prep

Preparing for the interview should be fun, look over the questions find a partner and practice. You will also need to visit a couple of websites to review the types of attire (clothing) that you should wear when interviewing. You will need to think about how you will answer the questions so that you will be calm and confident when you arrive for your interview.

Interview Questions

Favorite Questions

Wrapping UP

Congratulations, you are almost finished. Even though the interview is over, your work is far from complete...
After each interview mentally review the questions asked by the interviewer and your responses to them. Were you caught “off-guard” by any questions?  Could you have answered a question better, in more detail, or in a more focused manner? Quiz yourself after each interview and take notes. This will enhance future interview efforts.
It is advisable to send a thank you letter to the person(s) who interviewed you within twenty-four hours after the interview. It reinforces your interest in the position and can serve as an additional opportunity to separate you from the other candidates by recalling a notable topic or something that was discussed in your interview.

Information Task
Wrapping Up
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