Researching for Success

Presented by: Karen Watson

Subject Area(s):

Grade Level(s):


The final outcome will be a properly cited five page research paper, using five sources including a periodical, book, and internet resource. The students will present their final report to the class.

Goals & Objectives:



Library Media Center Materials


NYS Learning Standards


Content                                                                                    Technique

Introduction  (10-15 min.)                                        (methods, media, materials)


1.    Students will be introduced to                       sample projects

      previous students’ projects. 

2.     Students will be advised on

what is expected of them for the                           Sample

final project. 

3.     The LMS will instruct students

on how to use the library resources.                   

4.     The Technology Teacher will                                 Sample reports done in

explain the technology (report completed                  Microsoft WORD

in Microsoft WORD).   

5.      Students will work independently.                  

6.      Sample citations will be handed out for each group.

Body (40min):

7.    Students will begin the information search

process, using computers, books and reference          Internet, Periodicals,

materials.                                                                Professional Journals                       

8.      LMS will model how to use the resources,

      if necessary.

9.    Once students know what subject they

interested in, they will use the library daily and finish

the project with minimal help from the LMS.

Conclusion (15min.)



10. The LMS with the Technology

Teacher will recap the lesson and                5 minute discussion

what is expected from each student.

11.      The technology teacher will schedule

lab time for each group to type their                        40-minute blocks


12.      The LMS will instruct and suggest

that students visit the library daily                 As often as needed.

to complete the project.


  1. Students will complete an independent research process.

  2. Students will complete a final research report.

  3. The LMS, English/Language Arts and Technology teachers will work collectively in grading the reports.

  4. The final completed project will be presented to students in the LMC.