Twist Your Own Tale

Presented by: Kelly Cullen

Subject Area(s):

Grade Level(s):


Students will listen as two stories are read by LMS, the first of which is a class fairy tale. The LMS will lead a discussion with students on the characteristics of a fairy tale, including if fairy tales are true events. The second story read will be the twisted tale version of the classic fairy tale. The LMS will lead a discussion on the differences between the classic and twisted version. Students will then take worksheets to computer stations and follow the instructions on buiLDer to complete the writing assignment.

Goals & Objectives:

Instructional Goals:

·         Students will be attentive in listening to stories.

·         Students will participate in a group discussion.

·         Students will gain an understanding and appreciation of this type of literature.

·         Students will present their twisted tale in written format.


Learning Objectives: 


Motivational Goals:


Three Little Pigs, by James Marshall

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, by Jon Scieszka,

White board




     The LMS will first read Three Little Pigs, followed by discussion on the characteristics of fairy tales and whether fairy tales are true life stories.  The LMS will then read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, followed by discussion on the adaptation of a fairy tale to a twisted tale, and how the two versions are similar and different.  The LMS will use a white board to note all the characteristics of a fairy tale that the class discovers.

       Once the group discussion is completed, the LMS introduces the assignment, which involves each student creating and writing their own twisted tale based on a classic fairy tale.   


     Following the reading of the two stories and group discussion on fairy tales and twisted tales, the LMS introduces the task to the students.  Students are instructed that they will be using buILder to complete their assignment.

     The LMS gives a mini-lesson on accessing buILder in the computer lab.  The students will then log into buILder and follow the information and

instructions to complete the assignment.

     The instructions on buILder assist the students in following the steps to create a twisted tale of their own, based on one of many fairy tales.  The LMS will have a selection of fairy tales in print form for the students to choose from.  To assist the students in focusing in on the information they need from their fairy tale to create a related twisted version, a handout is provided to the students to help them take notes on the fairy tale they choose and read.

    The steps in creating the twisted tale include:

  1. choosing a classic fairy tale
  2. reading the chosen fairy tale
  3. taking notes on important characters, events and outcome
  4. brainstorming ideas to write the twisted tale
  5. organizing ideas, thoughts and planning the story
  6. writing their twisted tale
  7. presenting their twisted tale in final written form to the teacher
  8. orally presenting the twisted tale to the class

Students will check out their chosen fairy tale and will have time to read and take notes on it during ELA in their class.  The remainder of the assignment will be completed during time set by the class room teacher and  additional scheduled library/computer lab.


Students will use listening skills and participate in a  group discussion.  Students will then use computer skills to access the assignment information and instructions.  A classic fairy tale will be chosen by each student, which they will read and extract information from to base their own version in the form of a twisted tale.  The final product will be a creatively written twisted tale presented to the teacher in print and orally presented to the class.


• The LMS and ELA teacher will work collaboratively, so students will have the assistance and observation of two teachers.

• Students will discuss the characteristics present in fairy tales and the adaptation of the fairy tale into a twisted tale, showing their understanding of the genre, monitored and assessed by the LMS and teacher.

• Students will have time in the library to brainstorm ideas and plan their version of a fairy tale, monitored and assessed by the LMS and teacher.

• Students will use computer and literacy skills to use buILder, and their ability to use it effectively will be monitored and assessed by the LMS and teacher.

• The end result of the assignment will be a written and illustrated product that will be evaluated by the teacher according to the rubric on buILder.